The honorees represented a total of more than 1,700 years of service to the university.

The annual Faculty Service Awards honor faculty who have been at UofL 25 or more years in five-year increments. They receive dinner at the University Club and Ramsey and Willihnganz present each with a certificate. Faculty with 25 years of service get a choice of a captain’s chair or rocker. Those with 30, 35, 40, 45 or more years receive a crystal bowl with the name and years of service engraved on it. This year’s honorees were:

45 Years

College of Arts and Sciences
Arnold J. Karpoff, associate professor, biology
John F. Kielkopf Jr., professor, physics and astronomy
Shi-Yu Wu, professor, physics and astronomy

40 Years

College of Arts and Sciences
John A. Busch, associate professor, sociology

School of Medicine
Laman A. Gray Jr., professor, surgery and Jewish Hospital chair

35 Years

College of Arts and Sciences
Ronald D. Fell, professor and chair, biology
David A. Howarth, professor, geography and geosciences
Susan M. Matarese, professor, political science

College of Business
Richard E. Coppage, professor, school of accountancy
Bruce H. Kemelgor, associate professor, management and entrepreneurship
Alan S. Levitan, professor, school of accountancy
Lyle Sussman, professor and chair, management and entrepreneurship

School of Dentistry
Allan George Farman, professor, molecular, cellular and craniofacial biology
Zafrulla Khan, professor, oral health and rehabilitation

School of Law
Richard H. Nowka, professor, law and interim associate dean for academic affairs

University Libraries
S. Tyler Goldberg, professor

School of Medicine
Daniel F. Danzl, professor and chair, emergency medicine
Thomas E. Geoghegan, associate professor, pediatrics and associate dean for graduate and postdoctoral studies
Joseph H. Hersh, professor, pediatrics
Hugh R. Peterson, associate professor, general internal medicine, palliative medicine, and medical education

School of Nursing
Marianne H. Hutti, professor

Speed School of Engineering
Michael L. Day, professor, mechanical engineering and associate dean for academic services

30 Years

College of Arts and Sciences
Rhonda L. Buchanan, professor, classical and modern languages
Ying Kit Chan, professor and chair, fine arts
Christopher L.R. Davis, professor, physics and astronomy
Allan W. Futrell, associate professor and chair, communication
Mark E. Noble, professor, chemistry
Michael H. Perlin, associate professor, biology

College of Business
Sidney J. Baxendale, professor, school of accountancy
Mark E. Smith, instructor, school of accountancy

School of Dentistry
Sherrie W. Zaino, professor, general dentistry and oral medicine

School of Law
Robin R. Harris, professor, law library

University Libraries
Melissa Laning, professor and associate dean for assessment, personnel and research

School of Medicine
Theodore B. Feldmann, associate professor, psychiatry and behavioral sciences

Speed School of Engineering
Nageshwar Rao Bhaskar, professor, civil and environmental engineering
Kevin M. Walsh, professor, electrical and computer engineering and Samuel T. Fife Endowed Professor

25 Years

College of Arts and Sciences
James K. Beggan, professor, sociology
Chakram S. Jayanthi, professor and chair, physics and astronomy
Harold V. Savitch, professor, urban and public affairs and Brown & Williamson Distinguished Professor of Urban and Public Affairs
Steven W. Seif, associate professor, mathematics
Janet W. Woodruff-Borden, professor, psychological and brain sciences

College of Business
Dianna C. Preece, professor, economics

College of Education and Human Development
Melissa Evans-Andris, professor and acting chair, educational leadership and human resource education and associate dean for research
Patrick Henry Hardesty, associate professor, educational and counseling psychology

Kent School of Social Work
Thomas R. Lawson, professor

School of Law
David J. Ensign, professor and law librarian, law library

School of Medicine
Erle H. Austin III, professor, surgery
George M. Bosse, professor, emergency medicine
Gary S. Marshall, professor, pediatrics
Charlene K. Mitchell, associate professor, general internal medicine, palliative medicine and medical education
Farahieh Rabbani, assistant professor, psychiatry and behavioral sciences
Julio Alberto Ramirez, professor, infectious diseases
Roland Valdes Jr., professor, pathology and laboratory medicine and biochemistry and molecular biology

Speed School of Engineering
Robert W. Cohn, professor, electrical and computer engineering
Anup Kumar, professor, computer engineering and computer science
Arthur C. Parola Jr., professor, civil and environmental engineering