Dr. Judith Danovitch is one of four Faculty Favorites named for the 2015-16 year.
Dr. Judith Danovitch is one of four Faculty Favorites named for the 2015-16 school year.

Dr. Judith Danovitch, associate professor of Psychology in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, is one of four Faculty Favorites named for the 2015-16 school year. 

Every year, students nominate faculty members they would like to recognize for making a significant impact on their learning and intellectual development. Students described Danovitch as “interesting and engaging.” 

“Judith is a phenomenal instructor who truly takes learning to the next level. She is able to take a graduate course that is not necessarily the desired topic of interest for all students, yet find a way to make the course applicable to each individual student. She demonstrates proficient knowledge of the topics, and it is clearly evident that she is well-organized and prepares for each class in order to facilitate maximal learning during each course meeting. She values each student’s ideas and knowledge and welcomes student discussion. Her course assignments allow students to expand their knowledge in their own particular area of interest, and her assignments are designed to be direct applications to a successful career in psychology,” one student wrote.

Danovitch received her AB in Psychology and Biology from Harvard in 2000 and her PhD in Psychology from Yale in 2005. Her research interest is “how children seek out and evaluate knowledge throughout their development.”

“I care very deeply about children and their development and their well-being, so I feel that it’s really important to make sure that I’m sharing the knowledge that we have as psychologists in a way that people can use it and that it will be relevant to them in the future,” she said. 

Watch more about Dr. Danovitch below. 

This year, students submitted 624 nominations for 334 faculty members to the Delphi Center for Teaching and Learning, which solicits the nominations. The top four professors to receive the most nominations are recognized as “Faculty Favorites.”

The favorites will be recognized publicly at a reception in February 2017 at the Celebration of Teaching and Learning.

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