Electrical outage is scheduled in these buildings:

7 a.m.-noon (5 hours):

Baptist Campus Ministries, Floyd Street Parking Garage, Chemistry, Crawford Gym, Cultural Center, Davidson Hall, Ekstrom Library, Fairfax, Honors, Houchens, Humanities, Interfaith Center, Ky Telco

Life Sciences, Lutz Hall, Miller Hall, Natatorium, North Welcome Center, Planetarium, Public Safety, Red Barn, College of Business, College of Education, School of Music, Service Complex, Shumaker Research Building, Campus Health

Steam Plant, Stevenson Hall, Strickler Hall, Studio Arts/HPER, Student Activities Center, Threlkeld, Unitas Hall, University Club

11 a.m.-1 p.m. ( 2 hours)

Brigman Hall, Chemical Solvent Storage, Dougherty Hall, Duthie Center, Ernst Hall, Ford Hall, Gardiner Hall, Gottschalk Hall, Grawemeyer Hall, J.B. Speed, International Affairs ( Brodschi), Jouett Hall

Institute of International Development, Louisville Hall, McCandless Hall, Miller Information Technology Center, MITC Underground, Natural Science, Oppenheimer Hall, Parkway Fieldhouse, Patterson Hall

Sackett Hall, Schneider Hall, School of Law, University Tower Apartments, Vogt, West  Welcome Center, W.S. Speed, The Complex