The “she” in question is School of Music faculty member Edith Tidwell, one of nine University of Louisville faculty members who were honored in February as student-nominated 2010 faculty favorites.

The Delphi Center for Teaching and Learning each year asks students to nominate faculty, staff and graduate teaching assistants who make a significant difference in their learning and intellectual growth.

The Faculty Favorites honors go to those who receive the most nominations.

“I was deeply touched to learn that students had chosen to honor me in this way,” Tidwell said recently. “The nature of my instruction is one-on-one, so I do have a close connection with my students. I always want them to be eager and excited to come to their voice lessons, and enjoy the experience of their vocal and musical development. Their comments and support for my teaching efforts are affirming, and I am thrilled.”

Tidwell and the other 2010 Faculty Favorites are listed — along with student comments — on the Delphi Center website. The center honored them in February with a video presentation at the annual Celebration of Teaching and Learning. The center also invited them, the other 183 nominees from 2010 and the students who nominated them to a reception in late February at the University Club.

“The opportunity for such a faculty award, built solely upon student observation and recommendation, is empowering to the student and humbling to the faculty member,” Tidwell said. “I am compelled to reflect and be renewed as a result of this affirmation.”

The 2010 Faculty Favorites are

  • Mary Ashlock, communication, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Blake Beattie, history, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Timothy Owens, classical and modern languages, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Charles Zimmerman, communication, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Adrienne Bratcher, health and sport sciences, College of Education and Human Development
  • Nancy Cunningham, educational and counseling psychology, College of Education and Human Development
  • Stefanie Wooten-Burnett, health and sport sciences, College of Education and Human Development
  • Edith Davis Tidwell, applied music studies division, School of Music
  • Olfa Nasraoui, computer engineering and computer science, J.B. Speed School of Engineering