As the number of bicycles on campus increases, University of Louisville Police encourage cyclists to safeguard their bikes.

Bike thieves target the University of Louisville campuses from time to time, said ULPD Lt. Col. Kenneth Brown.

University Police set up special details to catch the thieves and stop the crimes, he said, and have made several arrests recently.
One particular individual was responsible for dozens of bike thefts in the area, Brown said. He is now serving prison time.

Bicycle thieves tend to go for ease, and the majority of the bicycles that are taken are locked up using a chain or cable type of lock, Brown said.

The best lock to use to secure your bike is the hardened steel ‘U’ shaped lock, such as the ‘Kryptonite Brand’, he said. This type of lock may cost more, but it appears to be the hardest type to defeat.

Cyclists should lock their bicycles to a bike rack using the non-removable part of the bicycle, Brown said.

ULPD also urges cyclists to keep a copy of their bicycle’s serial number and to register their bikes with the National Bike Registry.