Workshop participants examined the research-grounded DEAL (Describe, Examine, Articulate Learning) model of critical reflection and brainstormed tactics for integrating critical reflection components into their courses. As one participant said, “I am excited to put the reclaiming critical reflection ideas to work, and the timing and content was perfect for me.  Dr. Clayton’s work is really compelling, important and timely.”

Clayton was making her second appearance at UofL after her initial critical thinking workshop in January was well reviewed by faculty.

Nisha Gupta, i2a specialist for culminating undergraduate experiences, said  layton’s visit supports UofL’s 21st Century Initiative work and the university’s commitment to engagement.

“The timely nature of her visit offers the UofL community an opportunity to think more deeply and develop everyday instructional practices to move forward the many complementary agendas around engagement across campus,” she said.