Dear Faculty and Staff,

I am writing to inform you that I have requested a leave of absence from the University for personal and family reasons.  I have also asked the Provost to relieve me of my duties as Dean of the College of Business effective June 1 when my leave begins.  The Provost has accepted both requests. I will remain in my position as Brown-Forman Endowed Chair and Professor of Accounting.  Upon my return from leave, I will accept the Provost’s offer of a position as an Associate Provost at the University of Louisville.  

In accordance with my granted requests, the Provost will be naming an acting COB dean shortly.  Over the next month, we will work with the named interim individual to effect a smooth administrative transition.

Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes for my family.  I want each of you to know that it has been my distinct honor and privilege to serve as your dean.


Carolyn M. Callahan

Brown-Forman Endowed Chair and

Dean, College of Business