Louis D. Brandeis School of Law.
Louis D. Brandeis School of Law.

Brandeis School of Law is introducing an online certificate program to help health care workers hone their legal finesse and professional credentials. The program starts in September.

The Certificate in Health Law is a series of nine courses offered by Brandeis in collaboration with iLaw. Applicants do not need an undergraduate degree to qualify. Certificate offerings include a suite of 11 courses and enrollees can create a customized certificate. Organizers said the courses will tackle timely topics such as health care fraud and abuse, end-of-life decisions, HIPAA, security and patient care issues.

Brandeis School of Law Dean Susan Duncan said the certificate will help people understand the legal, regulatory and ethical issues related to health law.

“There’s a tremendous need for a curriculum that explains and educates workers on the complexities of health law,” Duncan said. “This online program makes it much easier for professionals to get the training and education they need while they complete the course at their own pace.”

Most courses can be completed within 60 days. The cost for the certificate is $10,000 with discounts offered to employers who have multiple employees enrolled. Individuals can also enroll in those courses that match their areas of interest at $1,300 per course.  

The online courses are taught by UofL faculty, legal professionals in the industry and practicing attorneys. iLaw is a law school online company that has developed and provided programs and courses to more than 20 percent of all accredited law schools in the United States.