The biggest changes are on the west and south sides of campus.

Several hundred resident student parking spaces (yellow) and 100 employee spaces (blue) in the Fourth Street parking lot were lost when construction of the Student Recreation Center started in May.

The parking office has been able to replace them with new lots and by shuffling spaces in existing lots.

“We’ve been able to offset the loss of blue spaces and actually gained 300 yellow spaces,” said parking director Doreen Wood.

The Parking Office was able to move the student spaces across the railroad tracks directly behind Kurz Hall. The new, larger lot will accommodate 300 more students, Wood said.

Parking offset the loss of blue spaces by:

  • Converting the front row of the Fourth Street lot between Kurz Hall and Cardinal Boulevard from yellow to blue
  • Acquiring blue spaces in the Speed Museum lot. These spaces were awarded to blue permit holders based on a computer-generated lottery of all blue permit holders.
  • Converting green spaces behind the Speed School of Engineering into blue parking.

The Parking Office also created 10 reserved (red) spaces and 10 “desperately needed” metered visitor spaces behind Speed School, Wood said.

The lots between Speed School and Brook Street and on Third Street south of Speed School will be green-only lots.