In the past week, we have heard from many people regarding statements by the Chick-fil-A president.  We have met with and listened to students, faculty and staff, some of whom supported the statement, some of whom were offended and hurt.

UofL is an institution that treasures diversity. Our strength is in the experiences and values we share with those who may be different from us.

We also are a university that steadfastly supports free speech – even if that speech goes against our values.  We respect an individual’s right to disagree.  We respect an individual’s right to choose where they spend their money.

After conversations with Mr. Cathy and others in our campus community, the University of Louisville is taking no action.

We as a university will continue to stand for diversity and to celebrate our differences.

James Ramsey , President

Shirley Willihnganz, Executive Vice President and University Provost