Every day, doctors make discoveries and develop innovative treatments that change the lives of patients and their families everywhere. Most of these breakthroughs are made by academic physicians, dedicated doctors who see patients in clinical practices while researching and teaching at universities like the University of Louisville. Because of their academic affiliation and research activities, they have the opportunity to take the latest in clinical research and apply it for real-world use. They also often help shape health policy, sitting on government and professional panels.

The Precision Challenge measures anatomical knowledge while giving users insight into how academic doctors may have contributed to their health, or that of their family or friends.

“The game is designed as a unique way to grow awareness of the groundbreaking contributions academic physicians have made in the field of medicine, and why people would want to choose an academic physician for their health care,” said Diane Partridge, vice president of Marketing and Communications for UofL Physicians.

The game, designed by Louisville-based DBS>Interactive, invites users to test their knowledge of anatomy by placing 11 organs, such as the pancreas and liver, in the correct spot. If the user is precise, a box appears presenting them with a medical advancement or discovery relating to that organ made by an academic physician. If they aren’t, the user hears a buzzer and the screen shakes, and they have to try again.

When all the parts are placed, the user gets a ranking, with a corresponding badge based on their number of errors:

·        Medical doctor

·        Medical resident

·        In med school

·        Pre-med

·        High school biology

The game will be shared with teachers and schools across the U.S.

Find the game here at www.uoflphysicians.com/academic-precision-challenge

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