Working side by side for the last 35 years, Eric Tennill and his brother, Brian, often toil camouflaged by the Belknap Campus green spaces. People who encounter the men are greeted with playful banter as they carefully maintain the university’s grounds.

“Irrigation is what we were hired for, but we also end up trimming bushes and picking up trash and leaves when they come down,” Eric said.

The brothers find ways to liven up their workdays by creating friendly competition, not only between each other but also with other grounds crew members.

“I try to make our [space] look better than everyone
else’s,” Brian said.

Cheyenne Hill is a graduate assistant for the UofL Office of Communications and Marketing. She is currently studying Higher Education Administration as a part of her master's program. She graduated with her Bachelor's of Science in Communication from UofL in 2017.