As AI changes the way the world works, UofL faculty and others wrestle with the opportunities and challenges that generative artificial intelligence presents – and strive to be leaders in helping the public adapt to the emerging technological field.

Read more about how UofL is entering the brave new world of ChatGPT in the Spring 2024 issue of UofL Magazine.  The issue also honors the 150th running of the Kentucky Derby, showcases the impact we’re making on health care in rural communities and highlights our continued efforts to make college accessible for all.

As UofL is located in the shadows of the Twin Spires, our connection with Churchill Downs is strong, View a collection of pictures from our university archives that illustrate how UofL has celebrated its most famous neighbor for many decades.

Learn how UofL is creating a rising tide of equitable health care by expanding its footprint into rural communities across the state, providing access to care and bolstering economies in areas with the highest need.

Discover how UofL is addressing affordability by putting accessibility at the forefront of education and making strides to lessen student debt.

UofL continues to creative thriving futures while embracing technology and strengthening our dynamic connection to our commonwealth communities. All these stories and more are available in the latest edition of UofL Magazine.


Erica Walsh
Erica Walsh is the marketing director for the Office of Communications and Marketing. Her job lets her share UofL’s good news in all avenues of communications including UofL Magazine, advertising, content marketing and branding. Walsh joined UofL in 2014 after previously serving as the public relations specialist at Indiana University Southeast. Prior to her career in higher education communications she was an award-winning newspaper reporter. Red is one of her favorite colors and it’s a good thing, too, because she earned her bachelor’s degree in journalism from Western Kentucky University and her master’s in communication from UofL.