Spencer Scruggs – Humans of UofL


    When I first started applying to colleges, I wanted to get out of Louisville. I came to Kentucky as a sophomore in high school and, while having a good high school experience, I was ready to get out of the state. Two forces in my life had an affect on my decision to go to the University of Louisville. One of the most influential teachers in my life to this day, Craig Ellis, helped me develop a passion for Louisville, the university, and academics that lead me to UofL. He helped me cultivate the hard worker that I am today. Additionally, after going to the Governor’s Scholars Program between my junior and senior year at Seneca High School, I decided that it would be to my benefit to stay in Kentucky. GSP showed me how amazing Kentucky was and all the opportunities that were within the commonwealth. Without GSP, I probably would not have gone to the University of Louisville, and consequently, be the individual I am today. The minute I stepped on to UofL’s campus for the visit weekend for Governor’s Scholars and future Honors students, I knew it was the place for me. It just felt right. The University of Louisville is the reason I graduated with a Master of Science degree in Higher Education from Florida State University and currently work there as a student affairs professional. The faculty, student affairs professionals, and mentors I worked with at UofL all helped me instill a passion for higher education and student learning and success in myself.

    P.S. Don’t worry, my love and devotion to the Cards is still unwavering. After all, #L1C4 isn’t just a saying. It’s a way of life!