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    Sara Boehman

    Sara Boehman

    In May 2012, I graduated from Trinity High School, a small catholic school in Whitesville, KY. The following year, I decided to further my education by attending Owensboro Community and Technical College where I graduated in May of 2014 with my Associates in Science with high honors distinction, maintaining a 3.65 grade point average (GPA). During my first year of college, I became a proud member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society for developing an outstanding academic record. In Fall 2014, I began a new journey in my life, to continue following my dreams, I enrolled in the University of Louisville’s-Owensboro lower division Bachelor in Science and Nursing (BSN) program. The following semester, I was honored to have been accepted into the University of Louisville-Owensboro Upper Division program. My desire to become a nurse gained strength as I supported and cared for family members, including my mother, in their health struggles. My patience, persistence, and ability, guided by doctor’s instructions, to medically assist others, and my caring nature are matched only by my determination to succeed professionally in life, thereby cultivating greater happiness for myself and those around me.

    In 2012, I experienced the stresses and heartaches brought on by my parents’ divorce. However, going through my parents’ divorce taught me never to give up hope and to follow my dreams, no matter what obstacles try to interfere. Behind the physical and emotional toll my parents’ divorce caused me, living in separate households made me a stronger person. Knowing this, I am now ready for all the challenges life may bring my way; I am ready to step forward and face the real world.

    Sara Boehman & mom


    Throughout my college career, I have been blessed to have an excellent support group, including members of my family, close friends, and my co-workers at the Daviess County Attorney’s Office. My mom is my biggest influence and will continue to have an unbearable impact on my life because of her kind heart and determination. Without my mom I would not be where I am today. She has provided me with a number of things, including love, and an unbreakable friendship. I’m blessed to call this beautiful woman, inside and out, my mom; someone to look up to, to love, to cherish memories with, and to live out her actions. My mother has supported me with my college decisions from the beginning by offering emotional and financial support. My second biggest influence is Claud Porter, the Daviess County Attorney. Claud hired me as an office assistance in 2012 and without this incredible opportunity I would most likely not have the privilege  of attending the University of Louisville BSN Program. Working at the Daviess County Attorneys Office has been an incredible blessing, allowing me to financially continue my dream of majoring as a Nurse Practitioner.

    mom at octc graduation 2014

    While attending high school, I played JV and Varsity softball. Playing softball taught me leadership skills and how to work as a team rather than individually. I was also a member of the Agricultural club. My advise to high school students is to take school seriously because in the end, grades, memberships, and volunteer history will effect your entire future. Employment, scholarships, and acceptance into colleges and accelerated programs view past student records when making final decisions.

    I believe with determination and faith, dreams come true. My journey has been difficult along the way and the most challenging obstacle I have faced in life, is nursing school. Though, nursing school has brought an extreme amount of joy to my life for I am able to medically help those in need. However, I have not given up on my dreams because I am determined to succeed in life. However, receiving an education is financially unbearable. As a college student without financial assistance while pursuing my dreams of bettering myself and my community, I work every hour I possibly can at the Daviess County Attorney’s Office to pay tuition and book fees each semester.

    My aspirations to continue collaborating with others are an important asset in the medical profession. I never cease encouraging myself to achieve my goals, earn my doctoral degree, and enjoy a career as a Nurse Practitioner. 

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