Nicole Fielder – Humans of UofL

    Nicole Fielder

    Nicole Fielder

    Growing up in Wildcat country, I would have never believed that I would end up at UofL. When college application season rolled around, I decided to toss UofL in my pile of potential schools just to see what would happen. I was eventually offered a spot in the McConnell Scholars program, and after shadowing my now-best-friend around campus, I began to realize how incredible UofL really is. The prospect of making a decision sat heavily on my mind, but I finally chose UofL over an Ivy League institution because of all the great opportunities for personal and professional growth here that make for an unparalleled value.

    After just one semester in the Ville, I can’t get “Go Cards” off my lips or the signature “L” off my hand. I’m overwhelmingly proud to be a Cardinal, and there’s no place I’d rather be than here at good ole UofL.

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