Nicole Jordan – Humans of UofL


    I never even visited the campus until I showed up. After a 9 hour drive from DC I moved into Community Park with my now best friend Jackie Ha. My 3.5 years at UofL have been nothing short of unique. The Student Activities Board gave me the opportunity to dip my toes into event planning, and I was able to plan Louisville’s Homecoming with my good Friend Drew Shever our Freshman/Sophomore year. SAB also introduced me to life changing individuals like George Howe and Stuart Neff, who have unmatched passion for this University and its students. The new SRC, gave me the opportunity to teach group fitness classes to hundreds of students my last 2 years. The Cardinal Host program gave me the ability to see how the University works from the inside out and the opportunity to meet some amazing people. But lastly, its professors like Dr. David Owen, Dr. Julie Bunck, Dr. Jason Gainous, Mr. Bamba and Dr. Dewey Clayton, who have not only given me invaluable perspective and insight but have made me the individual I am today. .I would be lying if I said I had the “perfect” or even a great “college experience” at UofL. I’ve been challenged in ways I never knew were possible and have seen and experienced things during my time at UofL that have made me question this world and myself ten times over. I graduated early due to racial incidents I experienced and the bureaucracy that is greek life. But without those experiences I would never have the perspective to understand where we are today and how to have meaningful conversations with people who simply haven’t ever been exposed to differing perspectives. With hardship comes immense growth. I’ve become more outspoken on issues that deserve attention, not just issues that affect myself and my immediate circle. I have found the confidence within myself to prompt change. I found forever friends that will support me. I found a family and a home 10,000 miles away with my study abroad experience and with that experience and the culmination of trial and error experiences at UofL, I finally feel as if I know my direction. And it is only forward and up