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    Meghan Waters

    Meghan Waters

    Well, I grew up in Northern Kentucky, right across the river from Cincinnati; my brother, my parents. My parents were great, I could not have asked God for two better parents. They’re loving people and they always reminded me of the importance of education and of friendship and they really instilled in me that thirst for learning that I’ve always had my entire life.

    I started out early in preschool I was always one of those I guess bright kids, if you want to call it that, I jumped ahead a little bit in school from an early age and ended up jumping a little bit more down the line. When I finished my fifth grade year I went into an eighth grade year at a college prep school and did my four years of high school followed by four years
    of college, so when I entered college I was 15 and when I graduated college I was 19, so I experienced things a little bit more early than most people do but experienced them none the less.

    Meghan Waters

    Going through elementary school I had some really important teachers who saw my potential and made sure that they gave me the tools so that I could reach that full potential, especially when I got to high school, there were great mentors for me who showed me the way that I could achieve the most success in my life and when I got to college and came to the McConnell Center and to the University of Louisville that mentorship just grew. I had many professors who I could always look to for advice and for guidance for the next step in my career and I’ve been very blessed that’ve had people all along the way to help me and guide me and see me through to my fullest potential.

    Meghan Waters

    After college I started working in Cincinnati at a district office for Congressman Brad Wenstrup from the 2nd district of Ohio and I spent almost a year there as his Deputy Communications Director. From there I moved to Washington DC, where I am now, I’m in Capitol Hill still working in his office, still working as Deputy Communications Director but also as a legislative correspondent where I correspond with constituents on the issues they contacts us about.

    I’m loving DC, it was a big adjustment from going to little old Kentucky to our Nation’s Capital, but I think I’ve made it, I’ve brought a little bit of southern hospitality with me and I’m trying to brighten up the big city but Kentucky will always be home base and is where I will always feel most at home.

    I would tell you (anyone considering college) to never let anybody tell you that you can’t do something because if you work hard enough and you believe in yourself and you want to achieve something, you can do it.

    It’s going to take some hard work, it’s going to take some elbow grease and you’re going to slip a few times but the important thing is to pick yourself back up and to keep striving for that ultimate goal that you want to achieve.

    It is possible and you can do it. Go Cards.

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