Louisville.edu is changing – Here’s what to look for


    We are changing the Louisville.edu homepage as part of the first phase of a longer-term effort to improve our content management system and overhaul all of the university’s online designs.

    Improving the content management system will take time, but we have an immediate desire to improve student recruitment. With this in mind, we are making some changes that may have an impact on how you use the homepage.

    For example, some of your favorite links have moved. Here is what to look for:

    Image of homepage changes, animated
    Animated image of homepage changes. Click for full-size animation.
    • The top navigation, My Accounts (login) and search bars are not moving or changing at this time.
    • Popular Sites and the two feature boxes below the current homepage banner are moving below a new, larger banner.
    • The new, larger banner will focus on enrollment, with links to “apply now” and “visit campus.”
    • We created more whitespace (emphasis) on the site search bar.
    • Banners will change every time you load the page. They randomly rotate between several different images and headlines, all focused on student recruitment.

    The Office of Communications and Marketing and IT are working on plans for the content management system updates and are fully transparent with those updates in the university’s Web Guides community. Once a timeline, roll-out plan and new site designs are available, we will make further campus-wide announcements. Currently, we are in the early stages of testing and determining our options.

    For questions, concerns or issues please contact: web@louisville.edu. For a more comprehensive narrative on the updates, visit: