Jordan Lyons – Humans of UofL


    I grew up in Louisville; although I never imagined myself going to the University. To me, UofL was always a sports college, and I never thought about its merit outside of the sporting world.   img_4545_jordan-lyons_headshot1 Before coming to UofL, I’d been to China, Canada, Mexico, and many places in the US. I’d looked at going to college in Toronto, Madison, Washington D.C., Hanover, Los Angeles, and more. I didn’t even think about going to UofL until I learned about the Metropolitan College program. I wanted to make college affordable, since I had to cover most of my expenses myself, and the tuition reimbursement that UPS offered made college much more affordable than I had imagined. img_4529_jordan-lyons_boocase2On top of UofL’s affordability, UofL also has one of the most LGBT friendly campuses in the United States, which means a lot to me because of my identity. Although I was excited to leave town for college, I like the comfort of living in a city that I know well. Since arriving at UofL, I got involved in social justice activism on and off campus. It makes me happy to know that I am working to make the world better for myself, my community, and the future generation. I work closely with the LGBT Center on campus to promote LGBT+ awareness and advocate for the LGBT+ community img_4537_jordan-lyons_burning-bushthat I’m in. I plan on teaching after college, hopefully at the high school or college level. I also plan to stay involved in social justice activism. I also hope to release a CD of my music, and book of my poetry, and a few short stories that I’ve written. Who knows, maybe I’ll become famous? Wouldn’t that be something?